PACKAGING: 1 L; 3L; 5L; 10L

EMA-STRIPPER successfully removes, among others, old emulsion acrylic, acrylic-styrene, polyvinyl acetate- based and vinyl copolymer - based paint. Due to its gel formula, the product is easy to apply on vertical surfaces and it can be removed at any time with water. It does not affect the structure of the structure of the base and is biodegradable. It constitutes an attractive alternative to aggressive solvent-based strippers. It is indispensable for cleaning surfaces stained with primers, dispersive plasters, wax and emulsion paint.

EMA-STRIPPER removes paints from surfaces:

  • PVC lining
  • stone
  • ceramic
  • clinker and glass tiles
  • marble
  • granite
  • terrazzo
  • epoxy and polyurethane floors
  • plastics
  • high-grade stainless steel
  • textiles
  • wood materials.

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